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About Bristol Business Solutions

Sarah Worley

Sarah Worley

Owner of Bristol Business Solutions

This is My Story

I have been working within administrative, managerial, and advisory roles for the past 12 years. For the second half of this time I found myself working alongside a range of small businesses including outdoor pursuits, complementary health centres, as well as supporting the bid of a local free school. I’ve found so much satisfaction working with small businesses – really seeing the difference I can potentially make, helping them mould and develop their businesses, and feeling a real sense of appreciation from them. It’s this that lead me to evaluate my skills and experience to see how these can be used for a wider range of people.

My Vision

I have been with businesses that have struggled through their growth. This can be those shakey first steps of getting established and navigating the minefield of self promotion and development. Or that decision which is keeping you awake at night of whether or not you can afford to take on a new member of staff. What I’ve learnt along the way is that support, flexibility and ownership are often key to success.

Support – Any business owner is likely to struggle if they’re completely on their own. Some are lucky to have friends and family that are able to provide valuable advice or even a helping hand at times of need. However, many business owners find themselves truly on their own. Having some form of support network with others experienced in running their own business can be invaluable in keeping motivation high, receive advice to fine tune the procedures in place, and provide physical support during busy periods.

Flexibility – Businesses stumble when they lack the flexibility to develop, network, grow and test the water as they go. If a business can remain fluid with the opportunities that arise, keeping open minded to possibilities and new opportunities, they’re much more likely to flourish.

Ownership – Few small businesses can afford to just outsource big chunks of work. Furthermore, to truly master your business you need to do more than just master your field of expertise. You need to understand business – how it develops and how it grows. You need to do it yourself. This ownership does not mean a business needs to continue as a ‘one man band’ for its entirety. But that initial ownership and continued interest in how things are being done provides the business owner with a greater understanding of how to move their business forward. This puts them in complete control of how they want to do it.

With this in mind, my vision is simple – to provide flexible and affordable business support to small local businesses, giving them to tools to let their business grow. This vision led me to setting up Bristol Business Solutions in Spring 2016. I believe the core to this business is to be accessible to other small Bristol businesses, so we can support one and other.

To find out about the serves we offer, please go to Our Services page.

My Testimonials

Sarah Worley’s invaluable organisational skills have successfully steered the Alma Vale Centre through two major transitions.
She is an innovative centre manager on a freelance basis, and at all times professional, reliable & personable. Sarah is always a joy to work with.
Jill G

Director, Alma Vale Centre

Sarah was an asset to our business. Administration was completed with a keen eye for detail so we never had to worry about whether it was spot on. She is extremely personable, which helped our business deepen relationships with clients. Trustworthy and professional, she works hard to give the very best she can. JP & Karen Edgington

Director, The Outer Edge

Myself and a team of advisers spent two years researching and applying to start a free school. In the early stages of our initiative we needed someone to kick start our organisational practices and communication systems. I knew Sarah Worley through her work as Office Manager at Bristol College of Massage and Body Work, and knew that she would be perfect to help us get set up and rolling. Sarah is highly proficient, professional and effective.   She took the time to listen carefully to what our needs were, she then worked in collaboration with us to set up the infrastructure which enabled us to get organised and be effective. Sarah is efficient and a highly skilled organisational manager and problem solver. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Mclellan

Parent, Free School