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Here at Bristol Business Solutions (BBS) we understand what it’s like to be a small company. We’ve worked alongside small businesses for over 6 years, supporting them in their set up and expansion. Read more about how we can support your local business.

New Business

Your Business - New Businesses

That initial set up can be confusing and time consuming while you get procedures in place. You try to find the best way of working within your business, often keeping yourself afloat but not as efficiently as you would like.

BBS can be that fresh pair of eyes, bringing experience to see how we can help streamline your business. This does not mean coming and doing everything for you, as we understand that this is not cost effective for a small business. We offer easy administrative and database solutions that you can incorporate into your way of working.

For those needing to get their business online, we provide personalised, mobile friendly websites created through This package comes along with direct training and a basic  manual on how to continue using and updating the website yourself without the costs of relying on a website designer.

Existing Business

You may be successful in seling your expertise or products but other areas of running a business may still feel like a mystery to you. Bristol Business Solutions offers you a cost effective way to expand your knowledge and skills in areas such as:

We believe in giving businesses the tools and opportunity to take on these skills – taking ownership of your business growth.

Your Business - Existing Businesses

Expanding Business

Your Business - Expanding Business

As your business grows, there is likely to come a time when one person just isn’t enough. This tipping point in workload offers huge rewards in the success of your business. But with it often comes stress with the evaluation of whether you can afford and sustain the business with an employee. In order to allow you to ‘test the water,’ BBS can provide flexible administrative support on a self employed basis, taking away the pressure and additional cost of a regular PAYE employee. Hours are fully negotiable and could be as little as a few hours per year to more regular monthly hours.

You may also begin to find that your original website is no longer fit for purpose. BBS can offer cost effective website upgrades. The tools we use to design your website are highly adaptable and user friendly. This allows us to create a personal website fit for your needs, with a system that is easy for you to manage yourself once it’s complete.